Orbit Solutions

Energy management and monitoring software for smart meters, sensors, and your business data

Intelligent customer energy surveillance system for growing teams of energy consultants, utilities and managers.​

Build energy-efficient, net-zero facilities today

Time and cost savings​

Stop wasting time analyzing your data. Our machine learning analytics engines compare your energy usage with expected patterns and alert you to abnormal consumption, saving you up to 90% of the time spent on energy data analysis.

Energy management, simplified

Our user-friendly energy management dashboard is an ideal tool for energy managers and business owners to make informed decisions, pinpoint energy waste, save costs, enhance sustainability, and decrease carbon footprint.

Real-time data, from any source​

"Integrate a variety of real-time data types such as electricity, gas, water, CO2, air quality, production metrics, operational data, and third-party sources like degree days and BMS. Whatever data you require, we provide comprehensive coverage.

Key Features

Deep analyze

real-time monitoring

Automation and control

Software Flexibility

Invoice Stimulation

Automated Reports

Our Clients

What is Orbit Solutions

Orbit is an IoT Energy Management solution for real-time consumption measurement. using smart meters that are connected to a cloud dashboard and mobile app.

Developer friendly

Smart, powerful APIs

“Orbit Smart monitoring” is a cloud-based energy and industrial data analytics tool with a simple drag and drop editor for professionals who design, build, and manage facilities, the desire to improve efficiency and effectiveness is never-ending.

Orbit energy management platform use cases

Energy auditing

Determine the most energy-intensive equipment and appliances, energy-intensive operations and waste areas in your facilities.

Measure and check savings.

Orbit IPMVP M&V tool is your complete project management tool for ECM verification, savings projection, tracking and reporting.

SmEnergy and CO2 reporting

The Orbit ML engine and personalized notifications alert you to abnormal consumption patterns, events and behaviours so you can take proactive action.

Creating and auditing utility bills.

Import your invoice data for monitoring, tracking and analytical purposes. Check your utility bill values and understand the costs related to peak demand rates.

Power quality monitoring and analysis

Analyse several electrical parameters and step behaviour. Drill down and analyze peak demand in 1-30 minute increments to determine when the highest demand in kW or kVA occurred.

LEED and ISO 50001 certification

Speed up your ISO 50001 certification process with a complete energy assessment + LEED jumpstart certification for your buildings with our Arc Skoru integration.


The ORBIT team brings together multiple and often complementary expertise enabling us to offer quality solutions and services in the distribution and export of renewable energy equipment. A team of 10 employees to serve you!


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Cloud-based Solution​

Your data is accessible anywhere and everywher.

Custom, flexible and efficient

Global custom solutions for energy management, from energy audits to multi-brand and multi-protocol integration.

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About Us

Orbit Engineering solutions is a company specializing in digital solutions for cloud-based Iot Smart Energy Management and Sustainability Solutions.

By combinig the real-time data monitoring and our electrical analysis capabilities, we are able to offer a complete IoT energy management and uyility solution for both Industrial and Commercial spaces.



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Connect your devices

Link to a wide range of supported devices and systems, such as APIs, Gateways, Meters, Files, Sensors, Solar PV, and Data Systems. Seamlessly integrate various data types—electricity, gas, water, CO2, air quality, production metrics, operational data, and third-party sources like degree days and BMS.