Orbit Solutions

Energy Management in the company


Thorough energy management leads to lower energy costs and more efficient energy usage. The globally recognized standard for guidance  ISO 50001 and its related standards, which specify the protocols for conducting measurements.

Energy Data Collection As a Fondation

Modern, standards-compliant energy management relies on recorded energy data and specified key performance indicators. These form the basis for all subsequent actions and evaluations within the energy management system.

Detailed consumption measurements at each level ensure compliance with requirements. The measurement technology used must be tailored to each corresponding level and capture all necessary data points. Specifically, devices capable of simultaneously recording multiple outputs are highly effective for providing a comprehensive overview in a cost-efficient manner.

Standard-Compliant Energy Data Evaluation And Documentation

Orbit facilitates the evaluation of energy data and KPI calculation in accordance with standards. Display options for current flow, consumption trends over selected periods provide a quick overview and aid in assessing the effectiveness of individual measures. Orbit is certified to ISO 50001.