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"Enhanced Energy Efficiency, Budget Control, and Consumption Forecasting

Orbit smart monitoring is an energy management system that allows you to optimize consumption and adapt to budgets by identifying high-consumption points and improving production discipline. Moreover, if energy costs fluctuate and are hard to control, an energy consumption tracking solution will assist you in negotiating favorable contracts with energy suppliers through precise consumption forecasts using the latest Machine Learning technologies. It also helps foster collaboration with energy suppliers and ensures compliance with ISO 50001 standards."

Orbit Smart integrates IoT technologies and is an integral part of Industry 4.0

This integration allows equipment to communicate effectively, delivering added value, agility, and enhanced production performance. By balancing digitization, process automation, and rapid access to information, significant positive changes in efficiency and productivity can be achieved. This is especially crucial in today's highly competitive business landscape and interconnected global network.

Orbit Smart is a practical system for

"Software Features

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