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Key Features

Explore our advanced energy monitoring software features

Our cutting-edge enterprise energy management software, hosted on the cloud, enables real-time online management, monitoring, and analysis of energy consumption. Designed for energy professionals, consultants, facility managers, and anyone involved in energy management.

Advanced Analysis

Enhanced reporting functionalities, including customizable ratios and dashboards, empower manufacturing facilities to delve deeply into their energy usage data. This enables them to gain insights into potential areas for enhancing energy efficiency

Automation & Control

Automation and control enable remote management of energy usage, minimizing energy waste and enhancing efficiency. This capability can be tailored to specific requirements, providing greater oversight of energy consumption and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Automated Reports

This functionality enables effortless tracking of energy consumption and costs across various teams and departments, with automated reporting to staff members. It ensures continuous monitoring of energy usage and facilitates prompt responses to any anomalies that may arise.

Ait Quality Monitoring

Monitor and analyze variables such as CO2, humidity, temperature, and other metrics.

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring refers to the ability to observe and track the progress of a process or system as it occurs. In the context of energy consumption, it involves obtaining instantaneous data and insights into the amount of energy being used at any given moment. This capability allows for proactive management and quick responses to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

What you get with an energy management system?

Energy consumption control - You know at any time how much energy is consumed at every point of consumption, no matter where it is and how many. Check your energy consumption, check your compliance with the estimated consumption, quickly detect anomalies (overruns or lower consumption).

Time and money - The measurement and retrieval of energy consumption data are done automatically through the Orbit Smart system, eliminating the need for human intervention and travel to the point of consumption. Simply access the Orbit Smart software application on your laptop, PC, tablet, or phone to view consumption data for each monitored point from anywhere, at any time. This eliminates the costs associated with dedicated staff for meter reading and travel expenses. Orbit Smart ensures centralized, straightforward, and efficient monitoring of energy consumption.

Making the right decision - Orbit Smart system assists you in making energy management decisions by utilizing real-time consumption data, consumption history for each monitored point, and reports showing the evolution of various quantities over periods of day/week/month/year.

Benefits of energy managment system

Displaying specific energy consumption per unit of product provides greater clarity on cost and efficiency.

The energy management system analyzes consumption data and facilitates reporting to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency interventions and investments.

Real-time visualization and alarms as parameters change enable quick decision-making and prevent unexpected shutdowns. To enhance reliability, distribution quality, energy consumption, incidents, and damages can be analyzed, helping to avoid major faults.

About Us

Orbit Engineering solutions is a company specializing in digital solutions for cloud-based Iot Smart Energy Management and Sustainability Solutions.

By combinig the real-time data monitoring and our electrical analysis capabilities, we are able to offer a complete IoT energy management and uyility solution for both Industrial and Commercial spaces.