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ISO 50001

retail & logistics

Energy efficiency in Retail and Logistics

Optimize your energy consumption while reducing your costs. Our energy management software allows you to visualize and control your energy consumption in real time, in accordance with ISO 50 001 standards. Try it today.

You may have a lot of substations for your communications network and you need to be aware if something is not going well. With ORBIT real-time alerts you can configure as many alerts as you need to be sure you will know if something happens. You may have PV installations for which you want to know how much energy is being generated, sold or stored. With SolarView and NetApp apps you can monitor all these inputs and outputs.

The energy platform that gets you ISO 50.001 certified

Analyze consumption by power source and relative.

Automatically calculate your baseline

Track the evolution of energy efficiency initiatives

Analyze consumption by power source and relative.

Get alerts when your assets are down

Join demand response programs to sell your flexibility

Get insights easily and report them immediately to the right organisation level

View where it fails

Real time map visualization with antennas status.

Real-time alerting system

When an antenna fails, you get notified.

Solar PV production & batteries

Your assets under control, always.

Data quality assessment

Statistics regarding quality of data, gaps and peaks..

Verify savings

Evaluate real savings from your retrofits and request liabilities to your providers.

Cost tracking

Create your bill simulation, and track costs.

Anomalies detection

Get a list of anomalies automatically detected by AI algorithms.


Get information KPI’s of your portfolio at a glance.


Forecast your consumptions for next 12 months with machine learning algorithms.

Experience the power now!